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Cheap Mountain Bike Frames

cheap mountain bike frames

Brokey bike with new fork

Brokey bike with new fork

When I brought it in, they warned me that they thought it was totaled. But I didn't want to go bike shopping for a new mountain bike just yet... I've got my eyes on a road bike. So I had them take a better look and see what's really broken.

It turns out that the steerer tube on the fork is broken. Which I was kinda figuring. That's a replacable item and the fork wasn't exactly high-end.

But once they took the fork off and then shoved another fork up in there (yes, I did say "that's what SHE said") they found that the head tube was just fine. We all took a look. No bulges. No scrapes. Even the headset is just fine (allegedly Ritchey makes good heatsets. There may be some truth to that).

So it's a new RockShox Tora 318 fork. It's got more adjustments, which I've got to figure out how to set up properly. And it's got lockout, which is probably a good thing.

Also, it's a little lighter. And it's not disc-brake specific, because I'd rather spend the added weight that disc brakes take up on a tougher frame bag and a rear rack that can hold a trunk bag with useful things like antiseptic and bandages.

The price on display for this one was a little more than a red fork. But after they rang it up, the white fork was cheaper. White vaguely matches. Red totally clashes. I do have a certain sense of style, you know.



More than less flat, Melbourne is definitely the perfect city to catch a tram, or ride your own bike... In this new episode, as every newcomer, Nina and Olive run after their original bike, a good opportunity to explore new neighborhoods...
Olive opted for a classy jellybean bike, a concept developed by a Melbourne part-time architect that offers a unique color personalization for each part of the bike. The price was a bit higher than the acceptable limit, but the temptation of building his own baby too intense...
Nina went for the hippie, cheap and charming solution: CERES, a community environment park that recycles bicycles. Go early one Saturday morning, find your frame among a messy mountain of ruins, and do not forget to bring your bloke to help you fix your beauty. After 4 hours of work under a wonderful winter sunshine, your dead bicycle will relive and ride again...

cheap mountain bike frames

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